Mediamix Solutionsteams up with established Italian dinery

A long-established Italian restaurant in Azabu Juban, Vino Hirata

Mr. Hiroshi Niho, current owner chef, inherited the taste and thoughts of Chef Hirata;
who was a pioneer of Italian cuisine in Japan.

There is a wide selection of wines to choose from to pair with dishes, particularly Italian wines.
Freshly baked homemade bread is also a staple at the restaurant; an example being the long and narrow shaped grissini.

The restaurant features a modern interior which plays soothing background music, which provides a calm and casual atmosphere in which to enjoy your dining experience.

Hospitality Solutions

Mediamix's POS solutions are not limited to accounting, but also support the finely tuned "hospitality" of stores.

The cooking instruction function, which can be tailored to the tastes of customers, enables improved service.

Surfaces running the POS serves as a simple design that blends in with the fine dining and relaxed atmosphere of the space.