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SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Cafe, the epitome of Japanese savoir faire, is a combination of both dining and a cafe concept, represented by the two elements of nature.
Their menu sees a wide variety of authentic traditional Japanese fare alongside an array of modern Japanese dishes thoughtfully created by our Executive Chef, Mr. Toshio Sawai.

We interviewed Mr. Zachary Mohammed Annuar of SUN with MOON:

  1. Mediamix

    Can you tell us about SUN WITH MOON JAPANESE DINING & CAFÉ?

  2. Mr. Annuar

    SUN WITH MOON JAPANESE DINING & CAFÉ is situated at the Central Shopping District office in Singapore, we are located at Wheelock Place on 3rd floor.

    SUN WITH MOON JAPANESE DINING & CAFÉ is as a restaurant we have been here for many years. We have many regular guests and new guests coming for party trial.

    We have the wide range of Main Menu and we always try to give them a great dining experience every time they come.

  3. Mediamix

    What is the special/Unique things about SUN WITH MOON JAPANESE DINING & CAFÉ comparing other Japanese restaurants?

  4. Mr. Annuar

    Our most popular menu is Kamameshi.
    Only few restaurants has Kamaeshi, but we have a wide range of Kamameshi to offer a great dining experience.

    By putting Kamameshi as our Signature, we make Kamameshi not only one guest favorite but everyone's favorite.

    We try to delivery great dining experience to all the guest.

    And we have a wide range of Sushi and Sashimi like spicy dragon roll and different kind of Maki.

    We cater to everyone rather than catering to one side.

  5. Mediamix

    You have regular customers who come to SUN WITH MOON JAPANESE DINING & CAFÉ for ages, don't you?

  6. Mr. Annuar

    Yes. From the first day we opened (11years ago), these guys have been here every Sunday. They bring their family to dine with us.

  7. Mediamix

    What was the reason of installing TTO?

  8. Mr. Annuar

    There are two reason for us to install TTO.

    The first one is to give every customers ability to order themselves.

    And the second reason is Manpower allocation. Basically, TTO is considered as Manpower.

    The human will take sick leave, but TTO will not be sick and always will be here to take our order and we will able to deliver the same amount customer service to the guest.

    We always try to make the guest happier rather than having their own regular meal here.

  9. Mediamix

    After installing TTO, is your customer service improved?

  10. Mr. Annuar

    Yes quite a bit, because we are able to cater to everyone without much delay.

  11. Mediamix

    After installing TTO especially during the Covid-19 situation, TTO helped your operation? How well does our product improve your needs by installing TTO?

  12. Mr. Annuar

    Yes. Cause we are always trying to minimize communication within staff and guest so TTO help us with that. And some orders may take a bit longer because people don't know what they want to order.

    And on TTO it will show the recommended item to guest. It helps a lot. But main concern will be always safely toward the guest.

  13. Mediamix

    What is SUN WITH MOON JAPANESE DINING & CAFÉ aiming as a next step? -> you can tell us about the new concept after the renovation.

  14. Mr. Annuar

    So, the next step after our renovation we will change from a casual dining experience to new. We will have Private rooms and seats beside a bar.

    So rather than to cater just restaurant experience to our guest, we are able to reach out more outgoing guest, our bar team and our service team will have more likelihood to reach out guest and understand their way of life, and as we chat they can have some dining experience as well.

  15. Mediamix

    What would you say to someone who asked about us?

  16. Mr. Annuar

    I have been working with MMX for quite a long. I don't have any complaints till now.

    Because POS is the heart of every restaurant and the way of take care heart are very systematic and very fast. Every time there's a problem we just give them a call and problem will be probably be fixed in a timely manner.

    Let's say normally they'll be a internet connection issue even with that you're also fixed very fast

    Cause without the pos systems basically everyone here just standing will be rushing mad so I thank Mediamix.

    If I'm able to my friend that open business. I will recommend to Mediamix to them.

  17. Mediamix

    Thank you Mr. Annuar.

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