Contributing to minimal store staffing.
Contibuiting to contact less interactions between store staff and customers.

Core Features

Retina Graphics

Multilingual compatibility

English and Chinese are supported. Other languages can be displayed by master registration.

Retina Graphics

Calorie display

Calorie information registered in the menu master can be displayed.

Retina Graphics

Choice/Topping menu display

It is possible to dispay choice menus and topping menus registered in the menu master.

Retina Graphics

Allergen display

Allergen information registered in the menu master can be displayed.

Retina Graphics

Call function

When the food is ready, the number will be shown on the display at the pickup counter.

Retina Graphics

Online payment

In addition to cash, a variety of payment methods can be selected, including credit card, QR code, and transportation IC card.


The entire operation is completed by the customers visiting the store

Store staff is no longer required to serve customers, minimizing the cost per floor and allowing for minimal staffing.

Completely contactless from ordering to payment

Orders are automatically transmitted from the floor to the kitchen without any contact between the customer and the employee.
Payment is possible without having to keep the customers card.



Installation / Tech Support

Installation Process

We can typically install within 2-3 weeks of an official request.

Tech Support

We have a Call Support team, available in various plans, including 24/7 year-round Japanese Support, to offer assistance for any of our products and services.

Case study

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