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The user that will not be phased by the pandemic.

Icho operates two brands known as "Icho" and "Manya", primarily located in the northern Kanto area.
The company currently has 46 restaurants.
A wide range of customers, from children to families and the elderly, dine at the restaurants.
With many private rooms and large banquet halls, the restaurants are also used for community gatherings and memorial services.

We interviewed Mr. Naoto Hamano of Icho:

  1. Mediamix

    What kind of restaurant is "Kansai-tei Icho?"

  2. Mr. Naoto HamanoIcho Japan, CEO

    The characteristic of "Icho" is that the exterior has the image of a warehouse,
    and the interior is fully equipped with private rooms that look like row houses in the street of the Edo period.
    We have created a space where you can relax and enjoy your meal in an atmosphere as if you were at home.

    The menu offers a wide variety of food, snacks, and drinks, with a total of about 700 items on the menu.
    In addition to offering fresh, high quality sushi and sashimi at reasonable prices, we carefully prepare
    each menu item with care, including udon noodles prepared from flour at the restaurant and our own soba noodles made using a unique method.

  3. Mediamix

    What is an overview on the features in the newly installed system?

  4. Mr. Hamano

    The system handles everything from reception services when visiting a store, sending orders, and calling wait staff.

    You are also able to check on the waiting status in the kitchen.

    Since the restaurants are designed very spacious and designed with private rooms, we can check the
    communication status of all the ordering terminals at once so that the customers can call the staff immediately when needed.

  5. Mediamix

    Icho's operations have proceeded very well without any negative influence from the Coronavirus,
    but what are your thoughts on the factors of this?

  6. Mr. Hamano

    With the fact that the system was introduced for the purpose of respecting personal space,
    we believe that it resulted in reducing the number of face-to-face encounters with employees
    and avoiding densely populated spaces between customers.

  7. Mediamix

    What do you think are the stand-out features and characteristics of the Mediamix System?

  8. Mr. Hamano

    Because the button layout and operation specifications can be customized to suit the store's operations,
    customers can choose the ordering method that best suits their needs, making it easier to place orders.

    The specifications are easy to read and understand for everyone from the elderly to children.

  9. Mediamix

    Thank you Mr. Hamano.

Interview with
  • Icho Japan
  • CEO
  • Mr. Naoto Hamano

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