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We can provide higher quality and personalized service to our guests.

Outback Steakhouse is a casual dining restaurant, founded in Tampa, Florida (USA) in 1988. There are over 900 locations in 23 countries around the world, and was chosen No.1 for customer satisfaction as well as sales in the United States. In Japan, there are 10 locations, mostly in Tokyo.

We interviewed Outback Steakhouse Makuhari:

  1. Mediamix

    Please tell us how you use the ordering functions on Lusso.

  2. Mr. Yozo HirasukaOutback Steakhouse Makuhari

    At our restaurant, the server receives the order from the customer, then inputs the order into a touch-screen terminal.

    For orders that consist of appetizer, main dish, and dessert, we are able to serve the dishes at the best timing by monitoring the customer's dining speed and experience.

    We are also able to accommodate for modifications such as allergy notices and additional portions.

    With Lusso, the servers send orders to the kitchen at their own timing, as well as make detailed notes with special requests from customers, which helps us provide higher quality and personalized service to our guests.

  3. Mediamix

    How would you describe the user experience to register menu items?

  4. Mr. Hirasuka

    There is a very wide range of customization available.

    We register items while keeping in mind how our staff can operate with minimal mistakes.

    With Lusso, we are able to customize the button sizes, colors, and arrangement freely, which helps us achieve the ideal setup.

    Our restaurant also has many different combo menus, and the system allows each menu to have its unique choice settings.

  5. Mediamix

    What are your thoughts regarding the support you receive?

  6. Mr. Hirasuka

    The Mediamix staff was very attentive and helpful during the system installation.

    The support after installation has been phenominal; the Support Center is always available whenever we have any technical issues, and it is reassuring that we could immediate speak to a Support Representative.

  7. Mediamix

    Were there any functions that you found especially useful?

  8. Mr. Hirasuka

    The 'Set Sold Out' function is very useful.

    Once you register the remaining quantiy for menu item running low, it prevents you from placing orders that exceed the registered quantity.

    Our restaurants use the function for seasonal or limited menu items.

  9. Mediamix

    Lastly, please tell us about some features of your restaurant.

  10. Mr. Hirasuka

    The biggest features include the volume and dynamic dining experience of an American restaurant, as well as our well-training staff providing an enjoyable atmosphere. Everything is even hand-made, including our dressing, sauces, and more.

Interview with
  • Outback Steakhouse Makuhari
  • General manager
  • Mr. Yozo Hirasuka

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