Install on a variety of POS Hardware.
Continue using your software licence with new hardware.

Optimize your restaurant operation

Over features to choose from
We offer a POS system that can perfectly match your operation by choosing from over 3000 available parts and features.


We can provide POS systems to perfectly suit your applications.

Analytic functions

See real-time store sales from the back of the house, even while the POS is being used.

By integrating with our cloud-based total system “FOODIT”, you can also see sales from multiple locations.
You can also export the data from each page.

Basic functionality

POS functions: Outlet openings, sales, in/out payments, inspections, accounting, outlet closings, and time cards Back-office functions: Receipt search, sales trends, totals reports, menu ABC analysis, electronic journal downloads, manager maintenance, attendance monitoring, sales analysis, reservations, and customer services.

Receipt search

Earnings, menu details, discounts, etc. can be identified from a receipt level, allowing for accurate real-time business analysis.

Accounting checks

Daily accounting results are shown. Back records of total sales, total discounts, banked amount, discount details etc. can be referred to.

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